Pre Production


Before we began talking about the concept of our video, Roy suggested keeping all of our planning and ideas on Trello. Being a former user himself, he found it easy to keep track of all information while working on the video project. This is where majority of our work and planning was at. We didn't have to go far in terms of filming equipment as Jommel had his own set up at home that he brought to Polytech.

Firstly, we decided it was a good idea to base our video on product reviews or some sort of unboxing product. The other option being Life hacks, we decided on the latter. Inspirations from Youtuber's such as Linus Tech Tips, Flossy Carter, and Unboxing Therapy laid the foundation for our video. So from there it gave us an insight on what to go on. If only it was that simple.

Planning went well before we had our first shoot. We went into filming with the idea of us both reviewing the product in front of the camera with live thoughts and reactions. But during filming it was a different story. The reasons being:

  • We were camera shy
  • There was not enough lighting
  • The whole idea ended up being too complicated and overall it was just a mess

So this put us back to square one. We had to find a different approach altogether. But at least we were able to test out our ideas before realizing it wasn't going to work. Otherwise it would have been a disaster. After further discussions we found another YouTuber called Jarod's Tech and picked up some things from him. Our initial idea changed from reviewing the product in front of the camera to a voice over review. Like a commercial of sorts. We didn't exactly have some type of shooting schedule so it was all a day to day basis really. But these were the days we tried to stick to. It changed a lot as we had other commitments as well.

Post Production

So the time came for the good stuff. As I mentioned before we didn't go far for filming equipment as it was provided all thanks to Jommel. After finally getting things going after a rocky start we made decent progress on our video. Then came the editing phase of it. All of the editing was done at Otago Polytechnic using Adobe Premiere Pro. A few hiccups here and there but editing turned out to be I think the easy part of it, Jommel may say otherwise.

Deciding on the types of shots to put along with our script proved a little difficult and time consuming. It wasn't complete until the last couple of days. Back and forth decisions were made on who was to provide the voice over for the video. Luckily we stumbled across our good friend Aisea Tawake who just happened to be studying alongside us during post production. We we're surprised by his enthusiasm and in the end grateful as it turned out great. His voice matched perfectly.

Final touches were then added onto the video such as an intro or opening credit and some music. Courtesy of YouTube.



Side View (shot) of laptop.

The GE63VR Raider is a gaming laptop from MSI, featuring NVIDIA's 1070 graphics with a 120Hz screen, so let's see how if it's worth buying.

Opening title - JR Tech Review

Hardware Specs - Birds Eye view shot of the laptop

First we'll have a look at the specs.

MSI features a 7 th Generation Core processor. With its innovative Cooler Boost 5 cooling solution and exclusive gaming features catered for gamers, the Intel Core i7 releases its full performance on MSI gaming laptops.

It has the latest architecture in ddr4-2400 memory support. So you'll be getting the best out of your notebook with over 40% faster performance than previous generations. It's 16 GB of memory can also be upgraded up to 32 GB

The perfect combo of MSI gaming laptops and NVIDIA next gen graphics. The GTX 1070 brings you a whole new level of experience plus the added feature of being the 1 st VR Ready gaming laptop.

Its super raid 4 storage has you loading the game in seconds. It is MSI's fasted RAID 0 storage configuration.

Over the shoulder shot

The size of the screen itself is 15.6", a decent size. Being able to multi task up to 3 monitors gives you a true gaming experience. Its Matrix display supports 4K output with resolution up to 3840 by 2160. The Camera is also capable of 720p HD.

Nonetheless I think it's a gaming laptop worth considering if you're a hardcore gamer and like to take it on the go.


After thoroughly reviewing the laptop I found that with all the flashy features and over the top Colors and display. The MSI laptop fell short when it came to battery life and its expensive price for what it is. One person said that he was a victim of false advertising because MSI stated that the memory can be upgraded to 32 GB but that was not the case. The outer surface of the laptop has superficial marks every time you use it which is also annoying but I think it's just due to preference. Nonetheless, I think it's a gaming laptop worth considering if you're a hardcore gamer and like to take it on the go.