This animation revolves around a student's school experience. Upon arriving at school, the student discovers an empty classroom with a notification stating that there are no classes scheduled for the day. Disappointed, the student returns home, bringing the animation to a close.

This story is inspired by a personal event that I found quite amusing, so I decided to incorporate it into my animation.

To create the school building, I primarily utilized a rectangle tool as it was easy for me to work with. However, since I struggle with visualizing things, I referred to images from Google to assist me in drawing the building. To achieve a zooming effect in the shot, I used the free transform tool to enlarge the building. Additionally, I opted for a brown color palette to give the building an aged appearance, and I added cracks for added detail.

In the second scene, I employed multiple layers for the character's face. By placing the eyeball on a separate layer, I could convert it into a symbol and use it for a motion tween. To allow the eyeball to move back to its original position, I divided the desired duration of the scene accordingly.

For the third scene, I reused the same character model from the previous scene. However, I removed the face and resized the model using the free transform tool to create the illusion that the character was facing the opposite direction.

In the following scene, I once again utilized the character model from the second scene. However, instead of using the previous eyes and mouth, I designed a new sad face expression. Additionally, I created a teardrop shape using the oval tool, dragging one end downwards to resemble a tear. I incorporated this as another motion tween to depict the tear running down the character's face.

The fifth scene resembles the third scene, emphasizing the character's departure from the classroom. I converted the entire character into a symbol and applied a motion tween to remove it from the frame.

The shot depicting the exterior of the school mirrors the first scene, but without the zooming effect. I maintained the same size and added cloud graphics. By creating two different cloud symbols and adjusting their speeds, I aimed to achieve a more realistic animation.

The side view shot posed a challenge as I combined shape tweening and motion tweening. Since I had missed several classes, I resorted to online videos for guidance, most of which focused on Flash, the predecessor to Animate CC. Nevertheless, I managed to successfully incorporate both techniques.

The side view scene featuring the character walking around the tree closely resembles the previous shot. I used the same character model, only larger, and made slight adjustments to the shape tween.

Lastly, for the closing scene, I reused the clouds from the exterior shot and employed the same character model once again.